The Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons (SAPS) is affiliated to the International Confederation for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (IPRS). The Association applied for membership to IPRS after it was formed and was immediately given provisional membership. This was later ratified at the 7th International Congress of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery held in Rio de Janeiro in May 1979 and our Association then became a full member of IPRS. As a member of the parent body, SAPS and its members are subjected to the Laws and Bye-Laws of IPRS. It automatically qualifies our members to attend and participate in meetings approved by IPRS.

Affiliation to the Asian-Pacific Section of IPRS was sought in November 1980 and was subsequently granted.

SAPS together with the national bodies representing Plastic Surgeons in the other ASEAN countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, met at the 1st ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery held on 21st March 1982 in Singapore. Representatives agreed to the formation of the ASEAN Federation for Plastic Surgery. Subsequently, an application was made to IPRS to have the ASEAN Federation as a sub-section of the Asian-Pacific Section and this was formally accepted by the general body of IPRS at the 8th International Congress held in Montreal, Canada from June 26 to July 1, 1983.

SAPS and the ASEAN Federation of Plastic Surgery

The inaugural meeting of the ASEAN Federation for Plastic Surgery was held on 21 March 1982 at Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore during the course of the 1st ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery.

The Plastic Surgeons representing their respective National Associations from the various ASEAN countries were:-

Indonesia: Dr Bisono
Dr Bohari Kassim
Malaysia: Mr Chandran Arianayagam
Dr Lal Kumar
Dr V Surendranathan
Philippines: Dr Sia Tong Gam
Singapore: Dr Chua Keng Chok
Dr Lee Seng Teik
Dr Wong Kum Leng
Thailand: Dr Prateep Bhokakul
Dr Thavorn Charoonsmith
Dr Vivat Visuthikosol

The idea of forming the ASEAN Federation for Plastic Surgery was endorsed unanimously by the National representatives. It was also decided that SAPS should draw up a draft constitution which would then be presented for consideration by the other Associations when they meet again at the 2nd ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery in Thailand in 1984.

At the 2nd ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery held in Bangkok in February 1984 the 2nd council meeting of the ASEAN Federation for Plastic Surgery was held.

SAPS representatives at the meeting were Dr Lee Seng Teik, Dr Chua Keng Chok and Dr Walter Tan. Besides the other ASEAN representatives, Dr John Williams, Secretary-General, Asian Pacific Section IPRS and Jean Paul Bosse, General Secretary of IPRS were also present. The formation of the ASEAN Federation for Plastic Surgery was formally approved and amendments to the draft constitution drawn up by SAPS were made. Thus the ASEAN Federation was born.

The Federation is unique in that it is the first and only sub-section approved by the IPRS. It was formed with the objectives of fostering closer academic and professional co-operation among ASEAN plastic surgeons as well as advancing the specialty in the ASEAN region.